Fundação Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Vida e obra de FHC

Sociólogo, professor e pesquisador, escreveu sobre mudança social, desenvolvimento e democracia. Foi senador, ministro das Relações Exteriores e da Fazenda, e presidente da República.


Permanent archives of historical value require specific types of facilities and equipment in order to conserve documents on different media. World-class technical criteria ensure preservation on the iFHC Foundation’s premises, where two basement floors house the collection and its associated specialists.

Environmental conditions such as light, ventilation, temperature and humidity are monitored by devices, as is any pest threat.

Documents (Collection and Library) – textual, iconographic, audiovisual and audio Sliding shelves, with air-conditioning on basement floor 2
Paintings, prints and photos on ‘chassis’ supports; clothing and fabrics; large-format newspapers Mobile shelving systems in ventilated space on basement floor 2 and map library in an air-conditioned space on basement floor 2
Objects and artifacts Grouped by type of material on open shelves in ventilated space on basement floor 1